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Friday, August 27 is Dollar Donation Day!dollar donation day horiz

Sounds simple, but it is so rewarding. We are asking supporters and fans to donate $1 or more in our one-day dollar donation drive. The best part is that everyone can participate from your desk, home or wherever! We have over 4,000 members of our email community—imagine if each person gave $1.00 on Friday. What about $5? Or $10? 

We'll be tracking donations all day on our facebook page and posting pics of the sweet animals you've helped, so be sure to check in there often.

Where will all of the money go?  Once we rescue dogs and cats from the county municipal shelters they still need a lot of care before adoption.  All of our pets receive their annual vaccines, spay/neuter surgeries, a microchip, and heartworm and flea preventive before they hit the adoption events.  However, sometimes the needs are greater. Some need heartworm treatments (up to $500), some need dental procedures (at least $200) and others need to be nursed back to health.  We do not give up on any of our animals and we do everything it takes to make them healthy and happy once rescued. Help us help them this by donating $1 or more today.

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Just look what we can do with $1:

- If 20 people give $1 each, that will pay for kennel cough treatment for one dog

- If 100 people give $1 each, that will provide 3 cats with special-need diet food

- If 500 people give $1 each, that will pay to treat one dog with heartworms (we currently have 6 dogs needing treatment)

- If 1,000 people give $1 each, that will let us save 10 additional lives


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If you would prefer to mail a donation, you can send it to: Pawmetto Lifeline, PO Box 1777, Columbia, SC 29202.

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